Wild about Colour: finally there!

I am going to be teaching 4 full-day workshops at Olds College in Olds, Alberta this year during Fibre Week 2016. As you can imagine, I am over the moon to have been asked, to have my proposals accepted and then to have the classes get sufficient enrollment that they are a go!

The first one up is called Wild About Colour. Here is the short description for it:

This workshop is all about making sense of those wonderful hand painted braids we are seeing everywhere. Learn how to make a series of decisions that will help you get the yarn and effect you want from the colours in your painted braids. In this full-day workshop you will learn some basic and advanced techniques for working with hand painted top. Colour theory will be discussed and practically applied throughout the day.

We will start with basic 2-ply techniques and move into the wondrous world of fractal spinning. After making several fractal samples, we will work on combination drafting and also learn how to make ombre yarn. Skills such as hand carding and Navajo plying will be learned along the way. At the end of this workshop you will be wild about colour and never again hesitant about working with hand painted top.

This is a newly developed class, and though I’ve been thinking about it for years, I haven’t actually had the chance to make it a reality, until now.

For the last while I’ve been puzzling over how to get the most learning out of a 6-hour class. How many exercises can people complete in that time? What number of exercises and which ones will help people understand the fundamental principles of working with hand painted braids and then be able to apply them in other situations?

What’s the best way to teach colour theory, so we don’t get bogged down in it or confused by it, but inspired? These and several other questions have kept me up at night. In the last couple of months, I’ve been experimenting with the workshop plan. I’ve put myself through this class three times already, as each time I tinker with the exercises, the fibre and the flow of the day.

There’s no spoiler alert necessary here, because I have decided that I am not going to tell you my plan, until after the workshop. I want the 12 participants to be the first to see what’s up and how things are going to roll out. All I will say is that there will be seven different lovely coloured superwash BFL colourways from Sweet Georgia Yarns, and 14 different colours of Corriedale top from Fibres Plus that folks will be playing with.

The photos below are some of the shots of my planning and organizing for the class. More about the other classes in future posts.

2016-04-24 16.36.32

2016-04-23 08.24.29

2016-04-23 08.24.502016-04-23 08.25.24


8 thoughts on “Wild about Colour: finally there!

    1. DianaTwiss Post author

      The colours are the real fun. You can follow along with our class as I plan to share our spun skeins and samples on Instagram. So please, stay tuned.

    1. DianaTwiss Post author

      Stay tuned on June 17th, it’s the first class I’ll be doing. Look for the #wildaboutcolour #oldscollege or follow me on Instagram. I am easy to find. My Instagram handle is my name.

    1. DianaTwiss Post author

      I am looking forward to seeing you too. I don’t know if you got the message, but please bring 4 – 6 empty toilet paper rolls to hold singles. I can’t travel with the number needed for the class. Make sure you are in good spinning shape as there will a lot of spinning to do – samples, samples, samples.

      1. Jean K

        No problem. I have about 6 bobbins for my wheel, and around a dozen toilet paper rolls. I’ll bring them all, as well as any others we go through, in case anyone needs them. I’m just coming from Calgary so it’s no problem throwing them in the trunk.

        1. DianaTwiss Post author

          That’s lovely of you to offer to do that. Thanks so much. I am just finishing the sample swatches for the colour exercises we’ll be doing. It’s been so much fun developing this class. I can’t wait to work with the group and see what everyone produces. See you soon.


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