Weaving project #2

Project notes:  The warp is polwarth and silk from a colourway called Eden. The weft is SW merino, cashmere and nylon in a colourway called Temptress. Fibre from both came from the Sweet Georgia Yarns Fibre Club.

Here it is on the 32″ Ashford Rigid Heddle loom. It was easy to weave, the colour changes that naturally occurred from the variegated yarn created interest. I did have a difficult time keeping the beat soft. The yarn wanted to snug tightly against the yarn in the previous row.


And here it is off the loom, before I washed it. At this time it measured 71″ x 18″.


Here’s a closeup of the fabric after I washed it. Everything shrunk and fulled a wee bit, filling in the spaces. It is soft and has a lovely drape. Final measurements are 61″ x 14.5″. That’s a lot of shrinkage, but that’s the way it goes in weaving I guess. (Measurement doesn’t include the 5″ twisted fringe on each end.)



2 thoughts on “Weaving project #2

  1. Monica

    Beautiful! How did you twist the fringe? Do we really need the tool? I am new at rigid heddle weaving and just finished my first “try” at my 32′ Kromski loom 🙂

    1. DianaTwiss Post author

      I should write about how I did the fringe. That’s the part that gives me the most grief. I twist them by hand – no tool. I tried the fringe twisting tool and it was more time consuming and finicky than just doing it by hand. I think a twisted fringe looks best when it is done with two, three or at most, four strands of yarn. I’ll look you up to see your weaving – I love the rigid heddle loom. So fast to get it going.


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