Assessing my spindle collection – the intro

This summer, I was part of a group that signed on for a Spindle-Spun-Summer – to try to work with our spindles as much as possible. While I was interested in making more yarn on my spindles, I was much more interested in learning about the spindles that I called my favourites.

I was inspired in a large part by an article by Debbie Held – What I Learned From Spinning on Every Single Spindle I Own. While recovering from a back injury, she set out to spin on each of her spindles with the idea of culling her herd.

I’ve long been a spindle spinner – have introduced many people to spinning using spindles and have written about it for PLY Magazine. My spindle of speciality was suspended or drop spindles. Until March 2020, the magic and allure of support spindles had eluded me.

As I embarked on this journey of learning how to spin with supported spindles, I was thrilled to receive the Summer 2020 issue of PLY Magazine, devoted entirely to supported spindles. What really captured my interest was Stephanie Gaustad’s One Spindle Does Not Do It All: it does what it does again and again article.

So I set out so see if that was in fact a true statement. Join me as I spin on each of my spindles and make yarn with a stick!

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