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Norwegian Snowflake Mittens – complete

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a just completed project?  Especially when it’s an overdue present for someone.

Today while watching the Heritage Classic Hockey Game between Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs I tackled the thumbs. It was tricky picking up the stitches and making sure they lined up with the pattern, so once I did one, I grabbed another set of needles and picked up the stitches on the second mitten. Then I knit the thumbs at the same time. It was a good strategy because once I was done, I was done. I didn’t have to go back and do a second thumb.

Here they are before I wove in all the loose ends, washed and blocked them.

And here’s what the inside of stranded mittens looks like. Adds a second layer, thus these are warm mittens. Way more mitten than we need here in the lower mainland of BC, but they are such a great traditional pattern, I had to try them.

Overdue Christmas present – Norwegian Selbu Mittens

I managed to do a good amount of knitting for Christmas presents, but ran out of time. I started these mitts on December 22nd with the bold hope that I would have them finished by Christmas Day. At least sometime during the day. But alas, here it is December 30th, and this is how far I’ve come. And I didn’t knit a stitch on them yesterday at all. (Because I spent the day tidying up my studio – she writes defensively.)

It’s not that they are difficult. In fact, they are quite straightforward. They just require absolute concentration. This is not a “knit and watch a movie” kind of project. This is “sit up and pay attention” with the pattern being consulted every single stitch and every single row.

The chart is terrific, but the instructions are a little skimpy. If you are a proficient knitter you will easily figure out where and how to put in the increases and decreases, and what “reverse pattern for second mitten” means. And then there is the thumb!

The pattern is a lovely traditional Norwegian snowflake pattern. I love it.

Now that I’m nearly done and I know how much yarn they take, I’ve got a plan to make a few more pairs in my hand spun. Should be lovely.

BTW the pattern is Norwegian Selbu Mittens by Henrietta Hope. It’s a free download on Ravelry or here.