Default yarn busting attempt #1 – results

Last weekend I wrote about battling default yarn. This is what happens when you get really good at spinning and go into the “zone”. For the most part this kind of yarn is fine, but what happens when this is the only kind of yarn you can make?  I want to have a  wide repertoire of spinning techniques and finished yarn. So last weekend I tackled it.
Below are the finished singles from all the batts that I showed in the last post. They were spun from batts which is different from the preparations I usually work with – and I spun as quickly as I could and didn’t overly fret about thin and thick spots.

 I spent most of yesterday plying these from the centre pull balls I had on display above. (The wee one on the far left was some thing that I had on the spindle – it was spun from rolags.)

And here is the yarn, washed, thwacked and drying. It’s a total of 317 yards or 294 metres. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. The colours look much more solid and consistent than they actually are. Each skein has about four colours of wool in it, including bits of silk and shiny Angelina. 
It’s a thicker weight than the yarn I usually produce, but it is still a bit too even for what I was aiming for. 

Back to the drawing board to really try to bust out of default yarn.

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