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Spinning with Suspended Spindles – online course

Hi All, 

Here is something new on the School of SweetGeorgia website – Spinning with Suspended Spindles with yours truly. We filmed it in August and it is ready for you all as of today!! I am really excited about the potential that this course has and am hoping that an online course is yet another way to help spinners get started on the journey of making yarn.

This course is taught in much the same way as my half-day workshops. Here is what we cover:

  1. About the spindle:
    1. The variety, choosing one
    1. How they work
  2. Wool
    1. Properties of wool
    1. Working with wool
  3. Spinning on a suspended spindle
    1. Making a leader
    1. Park & draft technique
    1. Joining new fibre
    1. Winding on – making a cop
    1. Dealing with a full spindle
  4. Spinning with Turkish spindles
  5. Plying your singles
  6. Finishing your yarn

Click here to check it out!