Beautiful Black Local Llama — Wandering Star

Got some terrific llama fibre from Jane Pinkerton at the Guild Sale last week.  She is the owner of Mount Lehman Llamas.  Here’s what I bought:

It’s just a label and probably not that exciting, but it is for me.  Mount Lehman is one of the hills that borders Glen Valley, where I live.  So, this fibre is pretty darned local.  You can also see that it’s “Prime” llama, meaning that it’s soft, luxurious and with the guard hair removed.  I like the fact that Jane writes the name of the llama on the label. In her world there are no dye lots, just real animals with real names. 

The fibre comes in a form called a “bump”.  Carefully prepared rovings that just roll of this “bump” shaped thing. It’s a $10 “bump” and in my world of trying to find local fibre, it’s worth it.  And more so.

It’s really fine stuff and it spins up thin with little effort, so to make a good weight, I’ll triple ply it.  There’s a 100 grams here so I should get some good yardage — like that “oh-so-Canadian” blend of metric and imperial measurement?  The ultimate plan is to make enough yarn to knit up a pair of socks.  They will be amazingly warm.

I’m off to a decent start.  This is the result of about 1 hour of (often interupted) spinning last weekend, because I was demonstrating the craft at the sale.  Now that I have some other things off my plate, I can get down to more.

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