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Zombie project – the body

It didn’t take long to knit up all the body parts. Next time I do this, there are some things I’d do differently. Like leaving long tails so I can use that yarn to sew up the parts. After knitting them up, I steam blocked them so they’d be flat. I pressed hard and used a lot of steam because I wanted the fabric to fuse. It worked just fine.

3 zombie

Then I laid all the pieces¬†out and looked it all over. I quietly reflected on the irony of a knitter who goes to huge lengths so they¬†don’t have to seam things, to a project that contains dozens of seams. Really? What was I thinking?

2 zombie


It took me an entire day to sew up, stuff and embellish the wounds. You may be quietly saying to yourself that “she needs a hobby” but this is my hobby. Of sorts.

Here he is – and I do think it is a “he”. I still need to do the rest of the face: eye, nose, mouth and of course the Kim Mitchell style hair-do.

1 zombieBut for now, here he his. I apologize that he is naked. That is being remedied – I’m in the midst of spinning yarn for the trousers.

I don’t yet have a name – any thoughts?