Indian Wedding Socks: Complete

Here they are — and I never struggled with SSS (second-sock syndrome).  They were fun and easy to knit.  I like the way the yarn striped throughout.  I couldn’t have planned it better if I had wanted to.

The yarn is from the July 2011 Fibre Club — called Indian Wedding.  I not longer have the tag which describes the fibre content, but it’s merino, silk and bamboo — I think.  It’s amazingly soft, strong and has a terrific sheen.  I blogged about them in earlier posts.  That’s was when I had finished spinning the yarn.  And here’s the post where I started the socks themselves.  Here’s the first one in progress:

And here they are finished:

I like everything about these socks.  The only thing I’d do differently is I’d make them a bit longer.  I had a enough yarn left over, that I could have added another 1 inch on the cuff.  That’s why I am learning how to make socks from the toe-up — so I can be a better judge of how much yarn is left.

They certainly aren’t identical, but they definitely are a matching pair.

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