Three-Ply Green Yarn Photos

Found the camera, charged up the battery and here are some photos of the three-ply yarn I was telling you about in the previous post.

Three bobbins: top to bottom –
green merrino blend from Sweet Georgia Yarns;
black llama from Mt. Lehman Farms;
Grey Cria Alpaca from Amisto Llamas

Nearly full bobbin

Close up of nearly full bobbin

The colours aren’t coming through in these photos; bad lighting in my living room.  After this bobbin is filled, I will skein it off and start all over again plying the singles and filling bobbins until the fibre runs out.  I will have to spin up more of the green to keep things even with the black and grey, and I do have it in my stash.

After it’s a spun up, the yarn gets washed and then “thwacked”.  To thwack yarn, you take it out of the rinse water, gently squeeze the water out of it and thwack it, hit it really hard against the side of the bathtub.  It’s a very satisfying thing to do and it does wonders for your yarn.  It helps the llama and alpaca bloom and felt a wee bit at the core.  Do this a couple of times on each skein and then hang it to dry.  Will try to get to all of this on the weekend.

Bye for now,

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