Workshops I Teach

Full day workshops: (updated February 2020)

Colour Explorations: tints, tones, shades, and secondary games: colour theory, blending and super soft singles

Wild About Colour: Spinning hand painted braids

Spinning Textured Yarns: spinning and plying techniques that add texture and fun to your yarn – gateway to Art or designer yarn

Into the Zone: the drafting zone: seven drafting techniques that expand your repetoire of yarn

Be the Boss of Your Yarn: tired of making the same yarn? Examine your default yarn and learn what you need to change to make a variety of other yarns for a variety of other purposes

Spinning for a Project: from start to finish, how to plan for a specific  project

Colour, combs and cards: colour theory and blending with simple tools

The Great Sock Experiment: make four different yarns that have been touted as the best yarns for socks. Try it out for yourself!

Half day workshops:

Spindling 1.0: Let’s make yarn!

Spindling 2.0: Taking it to the next level 

Spinning with Turkish Spindles

Knitting with Hand Spun Yarn

Hand Carders: A Spinner’s Best Friend

Thick & Thin: Art Yarn Fundamental Part I 

For more details on any workshops on this list, the descriptions and my fees, please contact me at: 100 (dot) mile (dot) wear (at) gmail (dot) com.